SynTalkrs (guests on SynTalk) come from anywhere.

SynTalk is consciously oblivious to celebrity worship, and works uncompromisingly towards assembling diverse modes of inquiry, disciplines, minds & ideas for its episodes. However, Anyone is not a SynTalkr.

SynTalkrs are:

  • Comfortable with a collaborative & dialectical discussion approach
  • Fascinated by speculative meta thinking across disciplines
  • Excited by the unlimited prospects of ‘public thinking’
  • Highly multi conceptual
  • Articulate (a necessity for a talk show)

At any given time SynTalk is in discussions with over a hundred potential SynTalkrs, and is looking for opportunities to collaborate with many others. If you know someone who you believe could be a SynTalkr then please share relevant details by sending an email to Please note, however, that SynTalk reserves the discretion to invite the person suggested by you.

Format & More: The production team works for ~4 weeks with invited SynTalkrs to set the context for a freewheeling discussion on the show. A typical episode features ~3 SynTalkrs engaged in a conversation amongst themselves and the host. SynTalk attempts to release up to four episodes every month. Please see Episodes for brief intellectual biographies of SynTalkrs on the past episodes.

Thank you.

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