Have a SyndWich.

A SyndWich (pronounced: /sinned-which/, or plural /sinned-witches/) is a kind of independent creative record of 3-4 SynTalk episodes ‘heard together’ by (primarily) our (future) SynTalkrs. We request the SynTalkrs to pick episodes that hold their attention, listen to them, and pen down their thoughts. We hope that over time these would serve as an outside-in perspective on the ideas in the various SynTalk episodes (& SynTalk in general), & become a second-order aid to organize, critique, or interpret them. We plan to release a SyndWich every month.

The following SyndWiches are currently available:

Note: The SyndWich is penned entirely by the SynTalkrs. SynTalk does not provide any inputs and/or make any content edits to what it receives.