Turn Six

Welcome Lysynner.

SynTalk is currently in Turn Six. The following episodes (in alphabetical order) are currently available. You may track SynTalk on SoundCloud / iTunes / Twitter for regular updates on new & pipeline episodes, episode descriptions & SynTalkr profiles, and our philosophy & values. You may also download / bookmark links or apps on your preferred platform.

  • #TATT (The Attempts To Team)
  • #TBAB (The Banal And Boring)
  • #TBAN (The Belligerents And Neutrals)
  • #TCAA (The Counts And Amounts)
  • #TIQW (The Isolated Quantum Worlds)
  • #TLOPE (The List Of Permitted Emotions)
  • #TNSO (The Not So Obvious)
  • #TROC (The Reconstruction Of Colours)

Thank you.