Turn Six

Welcome Lysynner.

The following episodes (in alphabetical order) were released during Turn Six and are currently available. You may track SynTalk on SoundCloud / iTunes / Twitter for regular updates on new & pipeline episodes, episode descriptions & SynTalkr profiles, and our philosophy & values. You may also download / bookmark links or apps on your preferred platform.

  • #TAOC (The Afterlife Of Colonies)
  • #TATT (The Attempts To Team)
  • #TBAB (The Banal And Boring)
  • #TBAN (The Belligerents And Neutrals)
  • #TCAA (The Counts And Amounts)
  • #TCAFG (The Coarse And Fine Grained)
  • #TCCD (The Change Called Development)
  • #TFON (The Formation Of Nations )
  • #TIAR (The Interactions And Reactions )
  • #TIQW (The Isolated Quantum Worlds)
  • #TLOPE (The List Of Permitted Emotions)
  • #TNSO (The Not So Obvious)
  • #TOLOA (The Outer Limits Of Adaptation)
  • #TROC (The Reconstruction Of Colours)
  • #TROE (The Religion Of Eating)
  • #TURU (The Un Regulated Underbelly)
  • #TWATW (The Word And The World)

Note: There are fewer episodes in Turn Six compared to our typical run-rate primarily as a result of the ‘virus’. Since our episodes are recorded with the SynTalkrs present in person in our studios in Mumbai, there were no recordings from March to July 2020.

Thank you.