Welcome Lysynner.

SynTalk is currently in Turn Seven after releasing 162 episodes, 6 Soupçons, and 11 Albums until the end of Turn Six. There are always more episodes in the design pipeline. You may track us on SoundCloud / iTunes / Twitter for regular updates and new episodes, & also download / bookmark links or apps on your preferred platform.

  • Turn One (July 12, 2014 to July 11, 2015; 36 episodes)
  • Turn Two (July 18, 2015 to July 10, 2016; 25 episodes)
  • Turn Three (July 16, 2016 to July 08, 2017; 31 episodes)
  • Turn Four (July 15, 2017 to June 30, 2018; 26 episodes)
  • Turn Five (July 14, 2018 to July 06, 2019; 27 episodes)
  • Turn Six (July 13, 2019 to February 22, 2020; 17 episodes)

If you are here for ‘binge listening’, then you could try one or more of the following SynTalk Albums (12 episodes under one cover; a total of about 13 hours each). More albums could be added from time to time and they may be accessed here.

  • #TBAAD (The Beings Aren’t Any Different)
  • #TGOL (The Gardens Of Leaflessness)
  • #TAHL (The Arrow Has Left)
  • #TZAO (The Zeroes And Ones)
  • #TFTS (The Field They Say)
  • #TNSR (The Not Straightforward Romantic)
  • #TPIH (The Picture Is Hazy)
  • #TBBB (The Bionic Body Balm)
  • #TOAT (The Others Are There)
  • #TPDS (The Paint Dries Slowly)
  • #TTRC (The Top Right Corner)

Thank you.

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