Oh: There are concepts that, will be obvious in 2200 AD and, are non existent today.

About SynGrant: SynTalk Grants (SynGrants) are intended as a gesture of financial, infrastructural, ethical, & thought support for individuals with one original open ended question. The individual should be committed to analysing or ‘thinking about’ or conceptualising or solving or generalizing or (broadly speaking) working on & with the question. Any question is likely to be considered interesting, but a question that seems to lend itself to some understanding via a wider range of disciplines is likely to be more interesting for SynGrant. SynGrants do not need to be repaid, and have a no-questions-asked approach (post the grant). SynTalk may carry the ideas coming off SynGrant to places that seem like appropriate destinations. Applications to SynGrants are open through the year.

Eligibility Criteria: SynGrants are intended for up to three (3) individuals anywhere in the world every year. There are no requirements of nationality, age, gender, education, income, language, ‘sophistication’, or material / social accomplishments. SynTalk would consider the possible long term (~200 years) philosophical implications of the question while deciding on the grant. SynTalk probably has a bias for theoretical / fundamental / basic / speculative / philosophical questions. We are not looking for big or important questions. Also, questions that seem like answers-framed-as-questions are highly unlikely to be of any interest.

To Apply: Those interested may send their question along with a brief (~1,500 words) outline of their initial guiding impulses to We do not need to know anything else, & you would not ever need to write a detailed proposal for SynGrant. SynTalk may get in touch with you to request for an interaction if your question is actively considered. Please note that SynTalk may be unable to respond to all applications. It sometimes takes several months to decide (either way).

Note: As of July 11, 2020 SynTalk has shared NIL SynGrants, and has received HUNDRED AND THIRTY SIX applications. SynTalk intends to provide total grants of up to US$ 60,000 per year, but reserves the right to change or modify terms at any stage. Thank you.

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