SynTalk is founded by a few like minded people based in Mumbai, India.

Jyoti Narula Ranjan (Founder Synner): Jyoti has conceived the show & the platform and drives pre-production research, episode prototyping, episode design and technology-led dissemination. She is committed to creating a unique globally recognized platform for original long term conversations & thinking across disciplines. Jyoti has worked with several leading global and Indian technology companies and start-ups including Google, Star India (‘Hotstar’), Aricent, and Netcore. She has also independently consulted with small to mid-sized companies looking to (particularly) use the mobile communications medium for strategic ends. She has a MBA from Indian School of Business (ISB, Hyderabad), and a MCA from University of Delhi, New Delhi.

Team & More: The SynTalk team members (called Synners) are based in Mumbai, India. Those interested in volunteering as Synners (primarily research assistants, illustration artists, software programmers, or film-makers) may write to There may be a few sub-projects to contribute to.

SynGrant: SynTalk Grants (SynGrants) are intended as a gesture of financial, infrastructural, ethical, & thought support for individuals with one original open ended question. More here.

Thank you.

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