The SynTrack (SynTalk soundtrack) represents SynTalk’s idealized ‘wing span’. All episodes begin and end with these respective tracks. The sound design may be interpreted as below.

]] __begin__ [[ Welcome to SynTalk ]] 13.8 billion years in 150 seconds. All sound, no music. Hypnopompic. A little weird. Sometimes noisy. Bittersweet. Disorienting, & meekly harmonic. Incessant. Drone. Dawn. The Big Bang, after all. CMBR. 4.5 billion years ago. Earth. Earthquakes. Murmurs (of volcanoes). Pulsation. 3.5 billion years ago. & then life. Heart beat(s). Organic. Thud. Bird songs. Many many. Green grass & trees; swaying. Lawns. Bright sunshine. Oh, cars. Highways. Asphalt. That’s us. Human beings. Bird songs. People. Poised. Alone ]]

]] __end__ [[ The __begin__ soundtrack ‘back masked‘. Rewind in 150 seconds, & replay. Bird songs. Speeding cars. People. Mynahs. Less weird. May be. Hypnagogic, & drowsy. Life to non life. Crescendo. Inorganic. Infinite loop. Swirling whirlpool. Singularity. The Big Crunch ]]

]]__A Showreel__[[